WHy baptist?

We invite you to join us on this journey as we live out our faith together in an inclusive way of being Baptist.  Do not worry about whether you consider yourself ‘Baptist,” or come from another tradition.  Our understanding of the Baptist faith is expressed by our emphasis on accepting people and embracing the spirit of freedom. We value the participation of all people in every aspect of church leadership and Christian ministry.

1. Being respectful of Soul Freedom: 

Every person has their own unique and personal relationship with God — one that should not be controlled by clergy or government. We respect that everyone’s spiritual journey is personal and diverse, and our faith community would be honored to be a part of your spiritual growth.

2. Being affirming of Bible Freedom:

We believe in the authority of scripture, and that it is central to the life of the individual and the church. Every person has the freedom to interpret and apply scripture to their faith journeys as led by God’s spirit.

3. Being accepting of Church Freedom:

Our faith community makes decisions together with the freedom to shape our own vision for this church as we feel called upon by God. We believe humanity is designed for community, and we desire to travel the journey of faith together as we walk alongside each other with God as our guide.

4. Being understanding of Religious Freedom: 

We believe in the freedom of religion, freedom for religion, and freedom from religion. We respect that everyone has different spiritual walks.
We understand that everyone is on their own personal faith journey, and we hope that you find Cedarbridge Baptist Church as the place where you want to be — a safe place where we can all explore this journey of faith together, as a community.