Cedarbridge Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

The Cedarbridge Children’s Team welcomes your family to our church! We believe children are an integral part of our congregation and as such, we welcome them to take part in our worship gatherings! We welcome everyone just as they are, and that includes children!  This means that their coos, shrills, giggles, and screams are a normal part of worship, and their grown ups should not stress about their behavior during our whole group time.

We also understand that sometimes it is hard for children to stay engaged in all aspects of a worship service.   The beginning of our worship gathering is full of engaging music and participation from all ages, and we love having kids join us for this experience.  For those that are interested, during the sermon, the Cedarbridge Children’s Team will be ready to step out with young kids for age-appropriate activities.  When the sermon is over, your child(ren) will be brought back to you during the time of response.

Your child’s safety is a top concern at Cedarbridge Baptist Church.  In order for us to take the best care of your child(ren), we ask you to complete and submit the pre-registration form below.  You only need to do it once!